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Buckskin Bessie was her show name. She performed in the 101 Wild West Show in the early 1900's, but documentation proves that she was also the fifteen year lover of the powerful owner of the 101 Wild West Show, Joe Miller.

This rare, historical biography is based upon the forty-eight hand-written letters that were rescued from the dust of an estate sale. The two old discarded photo albums that had also been left behind provided the faces that matched the names. Intense research filled in the gaps and remaining family members and collectors added to the array. The result is this amazing book that covers everything from feared train wrecks, exclusive trips and suspicious deaths. Add to these rare letters the seventy-four amazing pictures and copies of the letterheads and stationery that many of them were penned on from exclusive hotels across the continents, and you will have history as it should be, through the experience of the one that lived it!

Bessie was a beautiful woman whose captivating pictures graced the billboards and drew the crowds, but these intimate letters reveal she was also a woman of great strength and endurance. These are the attributes that carried her through a life full of twists and turns with mysteries yet to be solved, including the fire of questionable origin that took her life.

This is History at its finest!

$14.95 218 pages Soft cover ISBN 0-9773711-05 LCCN 2005910281

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Buckskin Bessie - Her Lost Letters

Women like "Buckskin Bessie" would be lost to history without the loving attention of writers like Monica James. And that would be such a shame!
Jana Bommersbach, True West Magazine